MISSION: Saving 500,000 Lives from Depression & Suicide One Life At A Time #WAKEUP





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Adam Bowcutt diligently signing copies of Confide for customers 

Build Rock-Solid Confidence after experiencing Depression

Adam Bowcutt Author


Adam is Author of CONFIDE:


How to Power-Up After Experiencing Depression

‘It’s raw, open and honest. It’s energetic with a lot of practical advice. It’s Adam’s commitment to doing good for the world!’

Victor Perton, Author & Director of The Centre for Optimism

‘This book will change lives - it is powerful because it is intelligently simple with many practical solutions. Adam Bowcutt’s energy shines through - he is a walking example of how we can all turn the corner with our mental health. Readers learn how to build stronger mental health and confidence now and throughout their life. Highly recommended!’

Dr Robyn Stokes, CEO Bionics Queensland 

‘There’s nothing more inspiring than hearing how others have overcome personal challenges. Adam has openly and honestly shared his experience of depression and I know this book will help many others gain the practical skills to improve their own confidence and mental health.’

Hannah Mills MBE, Olympic Gold Medalist  British Sailing Team 

‘Adam shares clear messages in this important and practical book.  How building strong confidence after depression is not only possible. It’s a must because we all deserve to live an energised life full of vitality. Highly recommended.’

Liana Werner-Gray, Bestselling Author of The Earth Diet & Cancer Free with Food

Xnforce Confident Companies  Work is Mental Adam Bowcutt


Adam Bowcutt is Co-Founder of Xnforce & Author of upcoming book Work is Mental.
Time Now to Stop & Think 

Adam is  proactively solutions-focused on Mental Health, Well-Being & Facilitating longterm change

“Adam is someone who is consistently looking to improve himself, learn and contribute to others. Adam demonstrates leadership attributes and the ability to invest in himself with the goal of contributing to others development. If attitude is indeed the determining factor for professional success, Adam certainly exhibits winning qualities“

Ron Malhotra, Director of Maple Tree Wealth Management

"I met Adam at a Leadership Roundtable in Brisbane. He is refreshingly passionate about Leadership and Psychology, utilising a growth mindset. His energy with respect to advocating for mental health awareness is admirable. I’d highly recommend Adam to add value to any future projects." 

Allan Pidgeon, Philanthropist and Member of The Order of Australia  

Stronger, longer-term mental health for humanity is my 'North Star'.

500,000 lives saved, and changed, is the target.  

This is only the beginning,

Will you join me on this challenging journey?



Adam is an engaging keynote speaker with lived experience of  clinical depression .

“I had the honour of attending a talk by Adam last week and I have to say, so inspiring.  Adam totally speaks right from the heart and with depth and true meaning.  My job was to cover the event as a photographer but found myself listening to his talk and poem which found the listeners dumbfounded.  Adam is a true legend and I wish him even more success in his drive to conquer Mental Illness.  Well done to you Adam for your inspiration and goals.” 

Michael Arenson, Photographer

"As part of Wellbeing Month in October 2019, Adam was a guest speaker in our team townhall. Adam gave a raw, honest and inspiring account of what he has gone through and what gave him the courage to lift out of what he was experiencing.

Congratulations Adam on your book- what an achievement. Thanks for having the courage to share your story."

Catherine V, Event Organiser

Thanks Adam for always inspiring me, sharing your insights and looking to always do the right thing.”  

Pip Marlow, CEO Salesforce Australia & NZ

'I am in awe with Adam's focus on Mental health. I recommend Adam for public speaking events on topics like mental health. I enjoy listening to his personal experiences, and how he overcame depression, and how he keeps a check on himself. I love it and I love him!'

Mitchell Wan,  Founder InfinityPATH


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Our mission is to help save & change 500,000 lives from suicide. 

One life at at time.


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